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The beginning locutions are very special; focusing on the Fatima Vision (released by the Vatican (June 2000).

All these locutions and everyday locutions (past and present) may be read on website:






27 April 2014: Holy Mass and the Canonization of Blesseds

John XXIII and John Paul II


On this "Divine Mercy Sunday" -- the annual feast instituted by John Paul II to honor the visions of the Polish mystic.

Sr Faustina Kowaklska, who the late pontiff canonized -- Benedict XVI paid tribute to his predecessor and the devotion at today's Regina Caeli:

“Mercy,’ said Benedict XVI, ‘is in reality the core of the Evangelical message; it is the name of God itself, the face with which He revealed Himself in the Ancient Covenant and fully in Jesus Christ, incarnation of Creative and Redemptive Love. This love of mercy illuminates the face of the Church as well, and manifests itself via the Sacraments, in particular that of the Reconciliation, and charity, community and individual works. All that the Church says and does is a manifestation of God’s mercy for man.

alt  "Lent Calls Us To A 'Shake-Up'" –

With A Warning Shot at Home, Francis Launches In

Following in the footsteps of 17 centuries of his predecessors on this first day of Lent, 51 weeks since his election to Peter's Chair, tonight the 266th Bishop of Rome took his first turn at the traditional penitential procession along the Avventine Hill, starting from the Benedictine mother-church of Sant'Anselmo toward the Dominican base at Santa Sabina, this Ash Wednesday's station church.


Asked by Italy's most-prominent daily earlier this month for an assessment of his first year as Pope, Francis demurred, saying "I only do that every fifteen days, with my confessor."

Even if he's taken all the sacraments for his latest general audience series, over the last 54 weeks, Papa Bergoglio's spoken of none more frequently or urgently than Confession, Penance, Reconciliation – whatever you call it. 

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